Social Media Goodness and A Newish Testlink
Posted by Atma (1/8/2011)

I slapped the like box for Facebook in the sidebar. I'll be porting it across all pages soon. It's not a serious addition, but do like us if you have a Facebook account!

Also, I'd like to welcome Bergen.NO.WhatNET.Org to the recent batch of temporary links connected to the network. Bergen increases our presence in Europe and provides some local connectivity for our Norwegian users.

It's Done...
Posted by Atma (31/7/2011)

Redeveloping our web presence has been quite an interesting project. But finally, without further ado, we have our face back on the Internet.

There will be many more changes coming up in the next few weeks. I have some pretty exciting ideas going forward, and I plan on implementing them as time progresses. Being that this is a one man show at the moment, changes will come slow. If you feel you have any talents that may accelerate our future plans, feel free to contact one of the members of the staff on IRC.

In the meanwhile, subscribe to our Twitter feed and join our Facebook group and fan page. If you're feeling the Google+ wave instead, we also have a profile there as well.